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Investigating differential options functioning of PIRLS multiple-choice questions between Emiratis and Iranian Ethnic groups Javaheri, Reza


This research investigates the impact of ethnicity characteristics on differential options functioning (DOF). DOF is the investigation of unequal conditional probabilities in selecting the distractors of items (Park, 2017). Ethnicity as belonging to a social group who has a common national and cultural identity could affect the test takers’ attitude towards different type of tests such as MC items. Participants in this study are two ethnic groups, from Iran and the UAE who are in the same level of education and have taken Progress in International Reading Literacy Study (PIRLS 2016). Booklet 16 of PIRLS 2016 includes 15 MC items which are analyzed in this study. The data are analyzed using the DOF method introduced by Park and Wu (2017). The findings of this thesis show that the participants have selected the options of some items differently. At the end of the thesis, the contributions, limitations and further studies are discussed.

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