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A piezoelectric fiber scanner for reflectance confocal imaging of biological tissues Fan, Ran


This thesis describes a hand-held confocal optical scanner for cellular imaging. In current clinical practice, the detection of disease like colorectal cancer is performed using endoscopy and biopsy. Random biopsies and oversampling are usually required to reduce false results, so potentials exist for non-invasive optical diagnostic techniques. Optical microscopy techniques such as confocal laser scanning microscopy provide images for biological tissues at a micrometer level. The challenge is to miniaturize the system into a form of hand-held devices or catheters. The developed system in this thesis consists of a portable scanner probe and a reflectance confocal imaging unit. The imaging unit was constructed in an all-fiber configuration for convenient packaging. Confocal scanning was performed at 785 nm laser illumination with a piezoelectric fiber scanner probe. The fiber-based probe was constructed by mounting a fiber directly on a two-dimensional piezoelectric bender. Horizontal image scanning has been successfully achieved, and the developed device can provide image resolution of 1.16-1.41 μm in the lateral direction and can resolve cell structures. The operating scanning speed is 1.25 frames per second with 88 × 88 μm² field of view, potentially applicable to real-time imaging. Image results were presented with onion epidermis and optical paper samples in comparison to galvanometer mirrors based confocal laser scanning unit.

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