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Home telemonitoring technology in patients with heart failure : a cost-consequence analysis and narrative systematic review Apantaku, Glory


Introduction: Heart failure (HF) is a costly health condition and a major public health problem. 2%-3% of the population in developed countries has heart failure, and the prevalence increases to 8% among patients 75 years and above.¹⁰ Home telemonitoring is a form of non-invasive, remote patient monitoring that aims to improve patient care and management.¹ Telehealth for Emergency-Community Continuity of Care Connectivity via Home- Telemonitoring (TEC4Home) implements and evaluates a home monitoring protocol to support seniors with Heart Failure as they transition from the ED to home.² Methods: A cost-consequence analysis of the TEC4home pilot study was conducted, assessing the costs of the home monitoring platform relative to usual care and costs related to healthcare utilization during the 90-day post-discharge period. Additionally, a systematic review of the effects of home monitoring technology to evaluate the effect of telemonitoring on healthcare utilization and quality of life of Heart Failure patients. Results: The overall results from systematic review showed a generally positive trend, with patients in the telemonitoring arm experiencing reductions in health care utilization. However, the variations in study outcomes, technology design, study protocol, etc. make it difficult to make a definitive conclusion on the efficacy of telemonitoring technology in heart failure patients. However, variations in study outcomes, technology design, study protocol, etc. make it difficult to make a definitive conclusion. Economic analysis of the TEC4home pilot study showed a positive trend in cost savings for patients using TEC4home. Conclusion: The systematic review component of this study highlighted the fact there is some level of uncertainty regarding the efficacy of telemonitoring in heart failure patients. In line with the advantages of conducting an economic analysis alongside a feasibility study, the economic analysis of the TEC4home pilot study facilitated the piloting of patient questionnaires and it has also informed the methodology for the full clinical trial which is currently underway in BC.

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