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Decay spectroscopy of europium-160 Yates, Daniel


Nuclei far from the traditional proton and neutron shell closures with “magic numbers” often deviate from spherical shapes and are deformed. The excited- state structure of these nuclei is built on the interplay of collective motions with single-particle degrees of freedom. Neutron-rich europium (Z = 63) nuclei around N = 104 are located midshell in both proton and neutron number. These nuclei exist in a region of large deformation, and the excited- state structure of these nuclei has not been studied in-depth yet. β-decay data was taken for a number of neutron-rich europium isotopes, including ¹⁶⁰Eu, at TRIUMF-ISAC using the GRIFFIN spectrometer. For this thesis, a comprehensive β-decay study was carried out on ¹⁶⁰Eu and the daughter ¹⁶⁰Gd. 10 new excited states and 41 new transitions have been identified in the excited-state level scheme of ¹⁶⁰Gd, and for the first time, a thorough analysis on the β-decay of ¹⁶⁰Eu was completed.

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