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Exploring a combined instructional and self-regulatory intervention for math anxiety Sagar, Nathalie


Math is a fundamental component of children’s education, as well as an essential skill for future learning. Although math is a fundamental component of a child’s education, many children have difficulty with math due to symptoms of math anxiety. Despite the gravity and pervasiveness of math anxiety, there is currently no consensus on an intervention to mitigate its detrimental effects. To date, few studies have utilized a combined instructional and self-regulation intervention to decrease math anxiety. In the present study, I investigated a pilot series of lessons incorporating both self-regulated learning and schema-based math instruction. Using the lessons successfully increased math word problem solving and somewhat decreased feeling so of math anxiety amongst four students in grades one and two within the context of a multiple probe across students design. Further, the lessons slightly increase student motivation and positive attitudes towards math. Future research should continue to investigate components of self-regulation as an important component to math instruction and should continue to try to increase the ecological validity of measures of math anxiety particularly within children.

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