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Authoritative parenting model for improving oral self-care skills in orthodontic patients Al-Mosawi, Mina


Objectives: This blinded randomized controlled clinical trial assessed the effectiveness of an authoritative parenting model in improving the oral hygiene skill level of adolescent orthodontic patients. Methods: The sample consisted of patients aged 10-16 years undergoing orthodontic treatment at the UBC’s graduate orthodontic clinic. Patients were randomized into two study groups: an intervention group receiving oral health promotion material and a template of a parent-child contract, and a control group that received conventional dental instructions provided by orthodontic graduate students. Oral hygiene skill levels were assessed by measuring percentage of total plaque (after best brushing) at three observation periods (baseline, 1-3-month follow-up, and 3-7-month follow-up). Plaque scores were calculated from the photographs of teeth with disclosed plaque, employing the manual for the standardized digital estimation of dental plaque scores. Results: Overall, patients had high plaque scores with large within-group variations indicating deficiency in oral self-care skills (OSCS). Although skills improved from the baseline in both study groups, there was no statistically significant difference (p>0.05) between the intervention group and the control group. The parental compliance rate with the intervention was low (~30%); however, within the compliant group, there was a non-significant trend for OSCS improvement. The baseline plaque level was the only significant predictor of future OSCS. Conclusions: The authoritative parenting model did not result in greater improvements of OSCS of orthodontic patients in comparison to the conventional dental instruction. Parental compliance with the intervention was low; therefore, it is important to identify reasons for non-compliance.

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