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Esfarrapados : a Freirean study Lorenço Hernandez, Mateus


This thesis is a study of the esfarrapados, from Paulo Freire’s Pedagogia do Oprimido. It begins as a study of the ‘esfarrapados’ as a word, which unfolds both different linguistical and cultural meanings of the ‘esfarrapados,’ and Freire’s historical, philosophical, and theological heritages. Through the discovery of these heritages, this thesis progresses from the study of a word into the study of what the word discloses, human people. People with a history, with an ontological vocation, and a God given promise to be more. The aim of this study is to propose and prove the claim that whenever Paulo Freire writes regarding our “historical and ontological vocation to be more,” “to be more” is to be understood as “to be an esfarrapado.”

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