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Impedance characterization of porous carbon electrodes with controlled pore size distribution : experimental verification Sharma, Trishank


In this work, electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) measurements were carried out on an increasingly complex distribution of cylindrical pores with well-defined geometries. The desired pores were made via drilling on graphite surfaces. The pore structure complexity was gradually increased starting with the evaluation of single pore impedances followed by drilling multiple pores with uniform pore dimensions and finally generating pore size distributions (PSD) having distributed pore radii or depth or a combination of both. The impedance response was interpreted using ZView fitting and a graphical approach and was found to be well described by the existing theory. The impedance response of the resulting porous electrodes was characterised with varying geometrical and electrochemical parameters - pore depth, pore radii, pore density, and electrolyte conductivity. The obtained results suggest a possibility to use measurements on drilled cylindrical pores to interpret more complex PSD as measurements of PSD were successfully modelled by adding the impedance response of single pores.

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