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Fluidized calcium carbonate crystallization in alkaline liquids Giacomin, Caroline Elizabeth


The effects of pH, pellet loading, and available surface area on CaCO₃ pellet growth were measured in highly alkaline liquids. These experiments included three scales. (i) Data from the bench scale reactor were used to predict CaCO₃ pellet diameter in larger scale reactors. (ii) Beaker scale experiments revealed that high pellet loading is more critical to CaCO₃ pellet growth than available surface area. At equal amounts of available surface areas, different retentions were found for different pellet sizes. Elevated temperatures proved detrimental to growth and produced smaller fines. An inversion of mole fractions of CaCO₃ morphologies occurred at the equivalence point of pH 12.3. (iii) Lab-scale fluidized bed reactor, designed and constructed for this thesis, showed that CaCO₃ pellet size is key to calcium retention within a fluidized bed reactor.

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