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Understanding the perceptions of people with physical disability before and after an employment mentorship program Boniface, Jeffrey David


Introduction-People with disabilities face numerous employment barriers. Disability benefits systems do not always meet beneficiary’s needs for financial stability, nor do they support pursuit of employment as one of the criteria for benefits is “unemployable’. Objective- This study investigates the perspective on employment persons with disabilities have before and after their participation in an 8-month Employment Mentorship Support Program. Methods- Pre and post-intervention interviews with people with physical disabilities were conducted and included questions related to disability benefits, goals for the program, and any concerns they might have. The thematic analysis of this interview data was guided by interpretive description where the researcher used their disciplinary lens and knowledge to understand the phenomenon and to interpret its usefulness. Results- This thesis provides the results of the thematic analysis and a comprehensive view of these themes (accessibility, the right to work, difficulties obtaining work, mentorship expectations, and contributing to society). Conclusion- In order for change to occur in the employment sector, it is essential that appropriate pre-vocational worker skills and appropriate supports are in place. This research will inform future programs about the perspective of and issues faced by people with disabilities considering employment, and provide decision makers with systematic evidence to better shape the disability benefits system.

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