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The land beyond the forest : a conceptual novella and accompanying essay on settler responses to Indigenous people’s in genre and conceptual writing Trystan, Carter Anthony


The Land beyond the Forest is a conceptual, found-text novella that blends public domain texts from and about Canada’s Fur Trade-era with the core text from Bram Stoker’s Dracula. In addition to the novel is an essay detailing the treatment and representation of Indigenous peoples in a range of texts from early Canadian Gothic novels and poems as well as more recent works such as film westerns and Canadian conceptual and experimental poetry. The novella and essay are working in concert to read the ways Settler writers in North America have appropriated and misrepresented Indigenous culture and how they continue to do so despite attempting redress and reconciliation in their work. I conclude by demonstrating how conceptual writing is a viable way for non-Indigenous writers to contribute to reconciliation, both by citing recent examples and presenting my own work, while avoiding the errors Settler writers in more conventional forms of writing continue to make.

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