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Stories of relationships in recovery : a narrative study exploring how people seeking treatment for eating disorders experienced working with healthcare professionals Jones, Andrea Margaret


This study explored the experience of people, seeking treatment for an eating disorder in BC, of working with healthcare professionals for those. Within the last five years, a significant amount of research has been carried out to develop and inform province-wide guidelines (van der Leer et al., 2016), for multidisciplinary healthcare professionals to follow when offering services to individuals seeking treatment for an eating disorder. Whereas, previous research on the impact of the therapeutic alliance within the field of eating disorders has focused mainly on adolescent populations or populations of people with a diagnosis of anorexia nervosa, this research intends to cast the net a little wider to people who are older (20+), who may have had been diagnosed with an eating disorder that is broader than just anorexia nervosa, and who have had a breadth of experience in different healthcare settings over time. A narrative method was used to gather data from five participants. This data was transcribed and then the researcher worked with the participants to turn transcripts of their interviews into narratives. The narratives were analysed using the Braun & Clarke’s (2006) thematic content analysis method. Four main themes and 21 subthemes were identified.

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