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Interactive visual analytics for BIM compliance assessment and design decision-making Maheshwary, Jatin


The widespread adoption of Building Information Modelling (BIM) in the Architecture, Engineering, Construction and Owner (AECO) Industry has led to data-intensive projects. The growth of data in the digital environment may affect compliance with the Owner’s BIM requirements and the overall project goal to utilize BIM for downstream purposes. Existing compliance assessment practices utilized by industry are very cost and time intensive, and ineffective at supporting design decision-making. Three specific challenges were observed in our research. First, the quality of information integrated in the BIM models may be inaccurate, thus impacting the integrity of BIM and posing a risk to the project. Second, the inundation of unstructured data generated in the BIM environment impacts the team’s ability to manage information and extract useful insights to drive actions. Third, project stakeholders are often less involved than BIM experts in the BIM compliance process due to limited understanding of BIM platforms and drive their business-level decisions without understanding the status of design data. The objective of this research is to address these three specific challenges using an action-research (AR) methodology. We present the outcomes of an action-research (AR) project undertaken with a global design consultant, Stantec, in the context of the design of a large healthcare facility. The objective of AR was to create a robust yet simple-to-use compliance assessment workflow. The key metrics for BIM compliance were identified and evaluated over the course of this study. An automated data analytics and visualization workflow was developed to simplify the compliance assessment process of BIM-based projects. Visual programming was used to automate the BIM data analytics to represent key compliance metrics and streamline complex workflows. The interactive visualization provides actionable information to project teams in a way that enables project experts to gain insights more effectively to inform decisions and to help manage compliance with Owner’s BIM requirements. The workflow developed in this research was utilized by the design consultants on the case study project to achieve compliance with the Owner’s BIM requirements, and the Regional BIM Lead at Stantec decided to use this workflow on all their BIM projects across the province.

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