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Lost : from a child's perspective Koenig, Riley


Lost: From a Child’s Perspective is a musical composition for symphony orchestra. It is approximately 16.5 minutes in duration. The piece presents a musical representation of the emotions a child experiences when getting lost. The musical style of the composition draws from 19th and 20th century concert music and film music influences. The first chapter discusses aspects of the composer’s personal life and the influence his upbringing had on the conceptual design of the piece. A brief discussion of programmatic music, and various harmonic and melodic sources that are influences for the piece follows in the second chapter. The third chapter discusses the musical form and style of the composition: medium, formal structure, narrative agents, melodic transformations, harmonic languages, and rhythmic treatment. The final chapter closes with a brief aesthetic statement. A program note and a complete musical score of the composition are included as appendices.

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