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Removal of calcifications from distal canals of mandibular molars with the gentlewave™ system Szabo, Deb


Objective: Radiographic examination of teeth often reveals the presence of calcified structures in pulp chambers. Many studies have also reported the presence of calcifications throughout the root canal system. These can complicate root canal therapy by obliterating the pulp chamber or blocking root canals. Many studies have proposed techniques to remove calcifications using instrumentation. GentleWave is a novel system for non-instrumentational cleaning of root canals, however, its ability to remove calcifications has not been established. The aim of our study was to determine the efficiency of the GentleWave system in removing calcifications from the root canal system. Methods: Mandibular molars were accessed, and all canals identified. Patency of the distal canals was ensured with a size 10 K-File and the pulp chambers were irrigated with NaOCl. Micro-CT images were obtained to evaluate the initial volume of calcification in the distal canals. Teeth were then treated with the GentleWave system as recommended by the manufacturer and a second set of micro-CT images were obtained to assess for changes in the calcification volume. The Mann-Whitney test was used to compare calcification volumes before and after GentleWave treatment. The significance level was set at P ≤ .05. Results: All distal canals showed calcifications prior to GentleWave treatment. In teeth treated with the GentleWave system, distal canals showed statistically significant reduction in calcification volume when compared to the initial volume of calcification. Mean reduction in volume was 87.6%, with overall values ranging from 60-100%. Root canal volume prior to and after GentleWave treatment did not show any significant change. Conclusions: The GentleWave system showed significant reduction in root canal calcification after treatment. Almost half (42%) of the distal canals showed complete elimination of calcification after GentleWave treatment. Acknowledgements: Supported by the Canadian Academy of Endodontics. Sonendo provided the GentleWave unit for the cleaning of the teeth.

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