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Analysis and design enhancement of an interference fit in a slot/insert assembly condition Swift, Robert


An interference fit is a relatively low-cost and effective method to lock inserts within component slots. The inserts are primarily held in place by friction. This method induces various stresses within both the slot and the insert. Due to the broad range of applications for interference fits and their geometry, the failures that are experienced are varied. Clearly, the failures depend on the in-service loads experienced, and how this loading is applied, however all are significantly influenced by the residual stresses which define the initial conditions of the component. This research aims to investigate the stresses within basic slot/insert scenarios in order to build a foundation of knowledge of this phenomenon. This knowledge will be developed further with the objective of developing an analytical tool which can be used to optimize the slot/insert design for a variety of applications. The outcome is to enable optimization of a slot/insert design to prevent unidentified failure modes without significantly compromising other performance aspects of the design, thus giving the user the ability to increase component life and system reliability.

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