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Kisah sukses : stories of Indonesian migrant worker returnees living in greater Jakarta Park, Kilim


Based on interviews with Indonesian women migrant workers and informed by their experience living in Greater Jakarta, this dissertation explores how migrant worker returnees view their work experience overseas and how their lives in Asian urban centres affected their life back in the Indonesian urban centre. It focuses on their relationships with the complex notions of "city," that reflect the returnee women's attachment to "home," and their desire to build it in a new space where they have settled. The dissertation also seeks to unfold how the city is represented through their experiences. In telling the stories of the past and present, the women shared their written works, documentary films, and their everyday life experiences to provide a more nuanced understanding of "migration" and "migrant workers." The dissertation explores the returnee women’s interpretations of "Jakarta" and "Indonesia," notions of return, and the idea of an emotionscape.

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