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Experimental and numerical analysis of semi-solid constitutive behaviour of B206 and A356 foundry alloys Sheykhjaberi, Fariba


Aluminum foundry alloys are used for a wide range of industrial applications. Hot tearing is often a challenging casting defect in aluminum alloys, occurring in the semi-solid state, which has a substantial impact on the quality of casting products. The constitutive response of the semi-solid material to deformation is crucial for controlling hot tear formation, and thus it is necessary to have a means of assessing a semi-solid’s constitutive behaviour, and the role of microstructure in deforming this two-phase medium. The semi-solid tensile behaviour of two commercially used foundry aluminum alloys was experimentally characterized using a Gleeble thermo-mechanical test apparatus and numerically characterized using a multi-physics numerical model. First, thermo-mechanical testing was carried out on samples prepared by chill wedge-shaped casting. The test results indicated that at relatively high fraction solid (fs=0.95-1), B206 has higher yield stress than A356. However, at lower fraction solids (fs

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