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Artificial vegetation : a novel paper-based sound absorber Salimian, Amirhossein


Demand for acoustic barriers in urban buildings grown in recent times fed by levels of increasing urban noise. Extraneous urban noise in buildings was commonly controlled using noise barriers like absorptive panels. The efficiency and sustainability of such noise absorbers is suspect. Our research in acoustics led to the development of a novel paper-based sound absorbers as a viable alternative for those currently available in the market. We named this product Artificial Vegetation (AV). We tested AV and found it an efficient and sustainable alternative that can be mass produced with relatively comparable low overheads. In this research paper we explored literature in acoustic barriers, both paper- and foam-based. We also identified gaps in the literature. The paper elaborates measurement of sound absorption coefficient using impedance-tube method, as a basic procedure for producing AV. We developed an analytical model that optimizes and improves sound absorptivity of AV. Data gathered from experiments were used to validate our model and test as a computational platform in more AV designs.

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