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Investigation of a quick tagging mechanism to help enhance the video learning experience Zhang, Xueqin


Video continues to be used extensively as an instructional aid within modern educational contexts, such as in blended (flipped) courses, self-learning with MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses), informal learning through online tutorials, and so on. One challenge is providing mechanisms for students to efficiently bookmark video content and quickly recall and review their video collection. We have run a background study to understand how students annotate video content, focusing especially on what words they would use most to bookmark video content. From this study, we proposed to leverage a quick tagging mechanism in an educational video interface comprised of a video filmstrip and transcript, both presented adjacent to a video player. The 'quick' tagging is defined as an easy and fast way to mark course video parts with predefined semantic tags. We use the metaphor of marking and highlighting textbook to achieve our quick tagging interaction. This mechanism was evaluated in a controlled study with handwritten notes. We found that participants using our quick tagging interface spent around 10% longer watching and learning from video on average than when taking notes on paper. Our participants also reported that tagging is a useful addition to instructional videos that helps them recall video content and finish learning tasks.

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