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Exploring the healthcare experiences of peritoneal dialysis patients with their nurses Roxas, Nathaniel Elmer


Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is a multidimensional global health issue that can affect various individuals worldwide. Although renal transplantation is the preferred form of renal replacement therapy for most individuals with CKD, the lack of kidneys from suitable donors means that most of these individuals will not receive one. Many of these individuals living with CKD manage their kidney failure through peritoneal dialysis (PD) at home and under the guidance and support of nurses working with them in an outpatient clinic. Literature has suggested that healthcare providers perceive primary nursing as the ideal care delivery model for many patients and that the elements of primary nursing are correlated to improved patient outcomes. Although literature supports the use of primary nursing, there is very little known about this model from the perspectives of patients and the experiences of PD patients. The purpose of this study was to explore the nursing care experiences of PD patients managed by a primary nursing care delivery model and further understand the unique healthcare experiences of this population. Using interpretive description as a research methodology, 15 participants were purposefully sampled from an outpatient PD clinic and participated in one-on-one face-to-face interviews. Interviews were digitally audio-recorded and conducted using a semi-structured interview guide. Findings from the study illustrated that PD patients were not experiencing all of the elements associated with primary nursing. A modified form of primary nursing was being experienced by the patients in which they received individualized and comprehensive nursing care. The nursing care of the patients was underpinned by a philosophy of patient-centred care that emphasized relational engagement between patients and nurses. In addition, organizational influences of nursing care such as PD nurse availability and operational hours of the PD clinic contributed to the experiences of patients having to navigate through unforeseen challenges in their care. This study can inform future research involving the analysis of health outcomes for PD patients, understanding family perspectives, and exploring nursing leaders’ perceptions to further improve the nursing care experiences of PD patients.

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