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Mid-life comparative field study investigating stormwater management between a permeable pavement and asphalt parking lot Harvard, Michael Justin


As a result of increasing density in the built environment around our cities, there is an ever growing amount of effective impervious area (EIA) which in turn results in greater amounts of runoff due to rain events. While minimizing hard surfaces is a method to minimize EIA, it is not always practical. A common method to better manage stormwater has been the installation of permeable pavement in parking lots. This study investigated the efficacy of permeable pavements in a comparative study against asphalt, at a point 10 years after construction, with the goal of demonstrating the continued benefits to water quality and minimized runoff from the permeable pavement site. The field study, conducted in Burnaby, BC between two parking lots, yielded promising results which demonstrated that with routine maintenance, a permeable pavement system is able to continue minimizing downstream runoff for most types of rain storm events and is able to continue minimizing contaminant effluent concentrations of certain contaminants when compared to an asphalt site.

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