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Isotopic and chemical heterogeneity of the Hawaiian mantle plume : evaluating mantle geodynamics and characterization of the Loa geochemical trend Harrison, Lauren Nicole


Oceanic island basalts provide the exceptional opportunity to study deep mantle geochemical reservoirs, mantle geodynamics and, for long-lived systems, the time evolution of their mantle sources. The Hawaiian-Emperor chain represents the geologic record of the long-lived (>81 Ma) and deeply sourced Hawaiian mantle plume. The geochemical record of the entire chain is now complete with analysis of Pb-Hf-Nd-Sr isotopes and elemental compositions of the Northwest Hawaiian Ridge (NWHR), which consists of ~51 volcanoes spanning ~42 Ma between the bend in the chain and the Hawaiian Islands. This segment of the chain previously represented a significant data gap where Hawaiian plume geochemistry changed markedly: only Kea compositions have been observed on Emperor Seamounts (>50 Ma), whereas the Hawaiian Islands (

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