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Teamwork in sport McEwan, Desmond


In spite of the assumption that teamwork is an important variable within the context of sport, formal research on this construct has been surprisingly limited. As such, the purpose of my dissertation was to examine teamwork in sport with respect to theoretical, measurement, and applied considerations. This dissertation consists of six studies which are presented in seven chapters. The introduction (chapter 1) provides a general overview of teamwork and its potential importance within sport. The first study (chapter 2) was a theoretical and integrative review of teamwork in sport. Within this chapter, a working definition of teamwork in sport, a multidimensional conceptual framework for understanding and investigating this construct, as well as a discussion of how it may relate to important variables in sport are presented. Chapter 3 consists of two studies: study 2 involved the development of a questionnaire to measure teamwork, titled the Multidimensional Assessment of Teamwork in Sport (MATS); study 3 involved an examination of the psychometric properties related to this instrument. An assessment of various group- and individual-level correlates of teamwork in sport was carried out in the fourth study, which is presented in chapter 4. The fifth study, a systematic review and meta-analysis assessing the effectiveness of controlled teamwork training interventions, is reported in chapter 5. This review was used to inform the development of a theory-based and evidence-informed protocol for enhancing teamwork in sport, which is described in the first part of chapter 6. This teamwork training protocol was then tested through a pilot intervention (study 6), which is detailed in the second part of chapter 6. In chapter 7, a general discussion is provided with regard to the implications of the dissertation studies, the contributions of this research to the field of sport psychology, limitations of this body of work, as well as considerations for future research on teamwork in sport.

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