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Viennese planning culture : understanding change and continuity through the Hauptbahnhof Reiss, Veronica Raffaela Sophie


Today, cities across the globe face a multitude of similar challenges – climate change, new disruptive technologies, new conceptions of both labour and capital, and mass migration, among others; simultaneously, planning scholars are continually acknowledging the diversity of both the conception and practice of planning around the world. As such, the concept of planning cultures has grown in recognition and importance. While the literature around planning cultures grows, few area specific studies have been completed. This thesis seeks to contribute to the understanding of the planning culture of Vienna, Austria, through an exploration of the history of urban planning in Vienna and through a contemporary case study of the planning of the Vienna Hauptbahnhof project, the recently completed central train station. This thesis seeks to expand the understanding of planning processes, practices, and outcomes in Vienna, a city world renowned for its affordable and social housing, as well as for its high quality of life.

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