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Generation of matter from stimulated vacuum fluctuations Desrochers, Michael J.


Through the connection between quantum mechanical vacuum effects and a time dependent deformation of space-time, an avenue to excite the quantum fields that lay on top of these structures is possible. It is through this approach, energy can be given to a spatially compact region of space-time, through the deformation of its boundary, to generate matter that is screened by said boundary. While this particle genesis is described generally, the focus will be within 1+1-dimensions for the photon field and a natural photon-screening boundary, a conductor. This work explores the irreducible components of this procedure, namely the dynamics of an isolated piece of a conductor drifting in the vacuum, the stirring of the vacuum through a deformation of a conducting boundary around a spatially compact space-time, and through a driven time-dependent conductivity of the same boundary. Once the irreducible components are developed and understood, a brief discussion on more exotic higher dimensional systems is introduced.

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