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Deep kernel mean embeddings for generative modeling and feedforward style transfer Chen, Tian Qi


The generation of data has traditionally been specified using hand-crafted algorithms. However, oftentimes the exact generative process is unknown while only a limited number of samples are observed. One such case is generating images that look visually similar to an exemplar image or as if coming from a distribution of images. We look into learning the generating process by constructing a similarity function that measures how close the generated image is to the target image. We discuss a framework in which the similarity function is specified by a pre-trained neural network without fine-tuning, as is the case for neural texture synthesis, and a framework where the similarity function is learned along with the generative process in an adversarial setting, as is the case for generative adversarial networks. The main point of discussion is the combined use of neural networks and maximum mean discrepancy as a versatile similarity function. Additionally, we describe an improvement to state-of-the-art style transfer that allows faster computations while maintaining generality of the generating process. The proposed objective has desirable properties such as a simpler optimization landscape, intuitive parameter tuning, and consistent frame- by-frame performance on video. We use 80,000 natural images and 80,000 paintings to train a procedure for artistic style transfer that is efficient but also allows arbitrary content and style images.

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