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Love and Information : director as co-creator Taylor, Lauren


This thesis forms the written portion of my MFA degree, and looks at the unique challenges and process of directing Caryl Churchill’s 2012 late career opus Love and Information, an English language play which was performed at the Frederic Wood Theatre at The University of British Columbia from January 19-February 4, 2017. The first section contains the original script analysis done in advance of directing the play. The middle section is a record of activity undertaken in pre-production and during production rehearsals. This reveals my thoughts and questions as they occurred in real time, and shows the processes of directing a play that does not have a naturalistic story structure. The final section is an evaluation of the final production and a reflection on the process. The open, poetic nature of the text means that the playwright summons the director to be co-creator in production, and I explore what this means on a practical level in this thesis.

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