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Planning and operation of active smart grids Ghasemi Damavandi, Mohammad


Future smart grids will be operated actively in the presence of distributed generators and topological reconfigurations. Distributed Storage Systems (DSS) will also become a viable solution for balancing the load and the intermittent generation of renewable energy sources. The DSS can also provide the smart grid operator with various other benefi ts including peak load shaving, resilience enhancement, power loss reduction, and arbitrage gain. The active nature of future smart grids calls for an accurate state estimation mechanism to serve as a building block for many operational tasks. To that end, the first part of the present thesis leverages the concept of submodularity to solve the problem of robust meter placement for state estimation in reconfigurable smart grids. Next, the thesis proposes a methodology for optimal planning of DSS in smart grids with high penetration of renewable sources. The presented methodology accounts for various advantages of energy storage in smart grids and seeks the optimal trade-off between the investment cost and the expected discounted reward of DSS installation. Finally, the thesis focuses on the problem of Volt-VAR Optimization (VVO) in active smart grids. The optimal joint operation of reconfiguration switches, energy storage units, under load tap changers, and shunt capacitors is investigated in the presented VVO methodology. The proposed methodologies in this thesis have been tested on sample distribution systems and their effectiveness is validated using real data of smart meters and renewable energy sources.

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