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Cross-platform data integrity and confidentiality with graduated access control Chen, Feifan


Security of data is tightly coupled to its access policy. However, in practice, a data owner has control of his data’s access policies only as far as the boundaries of his own systems. We introduce graduated access control, which provides mobile, programmable, and dynamically-resolving policies for access control that extends a data owner’s policies across system boundaries. We realize this through a novel data-centric abstraction called trusted capsules and its associated system, the trusted data monitor. A trusted capsule couples data and policy into a single mobile unit. A capsule is backwards-compatible and is indistinguishable from any regular file to applications. In coordination with the trusted data monitor, a capsule provides data integrity and confidentiality on remote devices, strong authentication to a trusted capsule service, and supports nuanced and dynamic access control decisions on remote systems. We implemented our data monitor using ARM TrustZone. We show that graduated access control can express novel and useful real world policies, such as revocation, remote monitoring, and risk-adaptable disclosure. We illustrate trusted capsules for different file formats, including JPEG, FODT, MP4 and PDF. We also show compatibility with unmodified applications such as LibreOffice Writer, Evince, GpicView and VLC. In general, we found that applications operating on trusted capsules have varying performance, which depends on file size, application access patterns, and policy complexity.

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