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Genotype-specific phenotypic behaviour of auxotrophic and prototrophic yeast gene deletion collections Acton, Erica


The Yeast Knockout (YKO) collection has provided functional annotations from thousands of genome-wide screens. As an unintended consequence however, ~90% of gene annotations are derived from a single genotype. The nutritional auxotrophies in the YKO are of particular concern as they have phenotypic consequences. To address this issue, repaired ‘prototrophic’ versions of the YKO collection have been constructed; the first by introducing an ARS-CEN plasmid carrying wildtype copies of the auxotrophic markers (Plasmid-Borne, PBprot), and the second by backcrossing (Backcrossed, BCprot) to a strain wildtype for the auxotrophies. To systematically assess the impact of the auxotrophies, genome-wide fitness profiles of the prototrophic and auxotrophic YKO collections were compared across a diverse set of drug and environmental conditions. Comparative fitness profiling for the prototrophic collections revealed genotypic and strain-construction-specific phenotypes. The PBprot collection exhibited fitness defects associated with plasmid maintenance, while the BCprot collection’s fitness profiles were compromised due to strain loss resulting from nutrient selection steps during strain construction. The repaired prototrophic versions of the YKO collection did not restore wildtype behaviour and had additional experimental liabilities. Neither prototrophic collection compensated for gaps in gene annotation resulting from the auxotrophic YKO genetic background. To remove marker bias and expand the experimental scope of current deletion libraries, construction of a bona fide prototrophic collection from a wildtype strain will be required.

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