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Career transition of Iranian immigrants in Canada : what helps and what hinders Vojdanijahromi, Roya


Canada receives thousands of immigrants from different parts of the world every year. Employment and successful career transition is one of the biggest determinants of social and economic integration of immigrants in Canada and can significantly impact their psychological well-being. Given the large and growing number of Iranian immigrants in Canada and the paucity of research on the career transition of Iranian immigrants, the purpose of this research was to explore factors that have helped or hindered Iranian immigrants in their career transition in Canada. 11 Iranian immigrants were interviewed regarding their experience of career transition in Canada. Analysis of interviews using Enhanced Critical Incident Technique (ECIT) yielded 13 categories, which represent the important factors in the career transition of Iranian immigrants: a) Attitude, (b) Laws and Policies, (c) Networking and Making Connections, (d) Friends, (e) English Language, (f) Educational Background, (g) Professional Guidance, (h) Family, (i) Canadian Experience, (j) Level of Cultural Competence, (k) Finances, (l) Attitudes Towards Newcomers, and (m) Employer’s or Supervisor’s Work Ethics. Implications of findings in counselling and program development for immigrants and directions for future research are discussed.

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