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A single-stage interleaved resonant power factor correction converter Saasaa, Raed


Applications requiring DC voltages vary widely, from low power, such as LED lighting, to high power, as in industrial motor drives and battery chargers. Accordingly, a unified power architecture for all applications is not practical for efficiency, size and cost optimization. The use of LED lighting system became popular due to its many advantages. The new outdoor applications such as street and flood lighting require high power (i.e. >200 W) in contrast to the low power existing LED drivers. Generally, the conventional architecture of AC/DC converters consists of two main stages; The first is current-shaping stage to improve PF and the second is to provide isolation and tight regulation over the output voltage. Recently, the research on AC/DC converters has focused on optimizing the converter design to be more reliable and efficient for low and medium power applications. Specifically, techniques have been proposed to eliminate the DC output bus electrolytic capacitor by introducing auxiliary DC/DC converter. On the other hand, the integrated converters were deployed by many researchers to decrease the number of switches, facilitate the controller design, and improve the efficiency. This thesis presents a novel single-stage AC/DC converter that can achieve high power factor with reduced switching losses for semiconductor devices. The topology is derived by integrating the interleaved boost-type PFC and full bridge LLC resonant converters. Due to interleaving at the input, the converter exhibits less input current ripple compared to the existing topologies. Therefore, it is suitable for applications up to approximately 500 W. A detailed analysis of the operation modes is presented. Also, a 350–W prototype is designed to verify the effectiveness of the topology.

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