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Time efficient state-of-charge estimation using open circuit voltage and the logarithmic modelling for battery management system Shen, Jing Cong


Battery management systems are important devices for protecting batteries in various electrical and electronic applications. One of the most important features of a properly designed battery management system is the diagnostic techniques for estimating the remaining usable charge in batteries in a time effective manner. This thesis presents two time-efficient and reliable techniques that do not require complex electronic hardware for application. One technique concerns the open-circuit voltage characteristics of a battery while the other technique considers the logarithmic modeling of the equivalent circuit of a lithium-ion battery so that the equilibrium OCV can be found within a shorter period of time. The logarithmic modelling method uses the equivalent circuit model and the characteristics of the subject lithium NMC battery and finds the equilibrium OCV. This thesis will include two techniques for the logarithmic modelling method. One technique uses the long time constant in the equivalent model of the battery and predicts the equilibrium with 1% error after the battery relaxes for 150 seconds. The other technique uses the short time constant in the equivalent model and predicts the equilibrium OCV with 2% error after the battery relaxes for 70 seconds. Both techniques of the logarithmic modeling method show improvement for estimating the equilibrium OCV in terms of waiting time compared to the standard methods.

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