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Quality of root filling by three different techniques in teeth after minimal root canal preparation and the GentleWave cleaning Zaghwan, Ala M. H.


Objective: This study aimed to examine the quality of root filling in canals obturated using three different filling techniques after minimal root canal preparation and GentleWave (GW) cleaning. Methods: Root canals of 30 mandibular molars were instrumented to size 20/.04 taper using hand K-files, and a Vortex Blue NiTi rotary file. Sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl) 6% was used in-between each instrument insertion and the canals were finally cleaned using a 7.5 min irrigation by the GW. The samples were scanned with micro-CT using a voxel size of 30 µm after instrumentation (pre-GW), post-GW, and after obturation. The samples were randomly allocated into three groups (n = 10) with regard to the root filling method: (1) single-cone with AH Plus sealer (SC/AH+), (2) single-cone with GuttaFlow sealer (SC/GF), and (3) GuttaCore with AH Plus sealer (GC/AH+). The reconstructed 3D images were analyzed for the volumetric percentages of debris, filling materials, gaps, and voids at three canal levels. Data was analyzed statistically using Kruskal-Wallis and Mann-Whitney U tests. P values < 0.05 were considered to be significant. Results: The proportion (volume %) gaps and voids proportions in multi-rooted canals obturated by using GC/AH+ and SC/GF was significantly lower than in canals filled with SC/AH+ (P = 0.000). Different values indicated a statistical difference between coronal, middle and apical gaps and voids volumes within each group. The mean volumes of coronal and middle gaps and voids were significantly different from the mean volume of apical gaps and voids in canals filled with SC/GF (P = 0.000), (P = 0.001). The quality of mesial fillings did not differ statistically from the distal fillings amongst the three groups. After conventional irrigation, 4.58 % of canal volumes was filled with debris while no debris was found after GW cleaning. Conclusion: A high quality of filling was achieved by GC/AH+ and SC/GF indicating that both these methods are suitable to fill the minimally instrumented root canals after GentleWave cleaning.

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