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Apihkêw (s/he braids, s/he weaves, s/he knits) Malbeuf, Amy


The exhibition apihkêw (s/he braids) consists of the installation, The Length of Grief: The Daughters of Métis Mothers. The installation consists of video, audio, two aluminum prints, a log, and a sod of prairie grass. apihkêw investigates the female body and ancestral narratives in relation to land. Methodologies and epistemologies of a land based research journey, Cree and Métis world views, Cree language, and an examination of inwardness were employed in the writing of this thesis and and in the making of the creative work. The stories and contributions of Métis women’s lives and experiences are often omitted from Métis history and culture. The paper and exhibition present personal, familial, and ancestral narratives in order to explore Indigenous feminism and Indigenous concepts of time as they relate to the strength and resilience of Métis women and artistic practices.

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