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Exploring the influences of the organization on the Clinical Nurse Specialist role. Tatlock, Rubyna


This thesis pertains to an interpretive descriptive case study, that was designed to explore the organizational influences on the Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) role within a specific urban hospital in British Columbia. This study included 12 participants; (n=9 primary participants in semi-structured interviews, and n=3 participants in a semi-structured focus group). The findings of this study potentially inform clinical practice, research, advancement of nursing practice and systemic leadership in the health care systems. The thesis offers a deeper understanding of the CNS’s transformative practice, explores tensions that influence CNS practice, and identifies intentional embedded infrastructures that are perceived by the participants to support the CNS role by the organization. The thesis concludes that organizations have many influences on how the CNS role is supported or constrained within the health care team.

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