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Seismic evaluation of Portage Creek Bridge based on ambient vibration testing Feng, Yu


Constructed in 1983, the Portage Creek Bridge is a three span highway bridge located in Victoria, British Columbia (BC), Canada. This bridge is a part of a smart seismic monitoring program, British Columbia Smart Infrastructure Monitoring System (BCSIMS), which funded by the British Columbia Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (MoTI), Canada. The BCSIMS aims to continuously monitor the seismic conditions of the selected bridges on lifeline highways in British Columbia, and as part of this goal, an ambient vibration test was carried out on the bridge in September 2014 in order to update/calibrate the finite element model of the bridge in SAP2000. The updated model was then used to assess the seismic performance of the bridge in accordance with the Canadian Highway Bridge Design Code, 2015. Nonlinear time-history analysis was performed using a finite element model with concentrated plasticity, and results were compared with the performance criteria specified in the code. This thesis presents the overall procedure of the seismic evaluation, as well as the relevant theoretical background and discussion of analysis results.

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