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Seismic performance evaluation of French Creek Bridge based on Canadian Highway Bridge Design Code 2015 Xiang, Li


Built in 1993, the French Creek Bridge is located on highway 19 on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada. The bridge is part of the British Columbia Smart Infrastructure Monitoring System (BCSIMS), funded by the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (MoTI) BC, Canada. The BCSIMS is a real-time seismic monitoring program that continuously assesses the seismic conditions of the selected bridges in BC. As part of this seismic monitoring program, the seismic performance and nonlinear dynamic behavior of the FCB was evaluated by developing the 3D Finite Element (FE) model of the bridge in SAP2000. The model was updated based on the modal properties extracted from an Ambient Vibration (AV) test. The nonlinear behavior of the bridge was modeled by adding plastic hinges on the ductile components. Then the FE model was used to perform the seismic performance evaluation in accordance with the latest Canadian Highway Bridge Design Code 2015. The evaluation result shows that during major earthquake, no primary members of the bridge were damaged, the bridge will maintains repairable and operational, and should be capable of supporting the dead load and live load after earthquake.

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