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Manual or digital : a study comparing the process of three-dimensional scanning and printing theatre properties to the process of creating theatre properties by hand Saranchuk, Charlene Nicole


This paper documents the process undertaken in researching the viability of the creation of three-dimensional (3D) printed props in lieu of handmade props, more specifically a handmade Italian Commedia dell'Arte mask for the character of Scaramuccia (Scaramouche). With the guidance from resident prop master, Lynn Burton, I was able to create two handmade papier mâché masks through the process of casting a negative of a plasticine mask and then papier mâchéing both that negative cast and the plasticine mask. Through the use of a NextEngine 3D Laser Scanner, a plethora of online resources, and trial and error work with a number of 3D software editing products (NextEngine ScanStudio, MeshLab, Autodesk Meshmixer, netfabb Basic, Autodesk Memento, 3D Studio Max Design, and MakePrintable.com), I have been able to create a 3D model of this mask, which I then attempted to print using the FlashForge Creator Pro 3D printer.

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