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Creative freedom in developing technologies Atimoyoo, Ryan Scott


This paper and the web series, “Paradox” explores the research question “In what capacity do higher end tools affect innovation and creative freedom within low to no-budget filmmaking?” Initially, I had high hopes of producing a feature film I wrote previously titled “Blood Brothers” for the requirements of writing and directing a project for my Masters of Fine Art in Film Production and Creative Writing. I set out with a clear and direct path and felt fortunate to have learned so much through the writing portion of this program, which in turn, enabled me to further develop my storytelling skills. Repeated funding rejections forced me to evaluate backup options and so, during my first year in the program, I shot the first episode of “Paradox.” My whole time at UBC was a creative journey unlike anything I had encountered previously. Winning a chance to direct a Crazy 8, a separately funded Canada Council Short film entitled “Mahcimanitonahk- The Devil Dwelling” which was developed throughout Peggy Thompson’s screenwriting class, employment as a VFX Editor at FuseFX and 7 days of shooting Blood Brothers brought together a host of questions and answers of which I had no previous knowledge. As such, I would say that higher end tools greatly affect creative freedom and innovation within low to no-budget filmmaking with stipulations. In my experience, initial ideas evolve through testing both high-end gear and software allowing deviations to create a more efficient filmmaker.

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