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Dynamic analysis of arch dams : effect of thermal loading Moghadas Jafari, Ryhane


Conducting a case study, this thesis investigates the dynamic behavior of Karun IV arch dam (Iran) under the effect of maximum feasible thermal input. A three-dimensional finite element model is created using ANSYS software. The thesis determines the impact of thermal loadings under two scenarios of normal and minimum water levels. The dam-foundation, dam-water and water-foundation interactions are considered in the modeling to accurately capture its dynamic response. Furthermore, in addition to the water compressibility, appropriate wave absorbing boundaries are used for the reservoir far end and bottom and for the foundation. Stability, static, modal, and thermal analyses are conducted as initial conditions. Using three orthogonal earthquake components, linear dynamic time history analyses with and without thermal loading are performed. The comparison of the results verified that the application of thermal effects on the dynamic analysis increases the maximum tension, changes the maximum pressure, and decreases the displacements in the dam body. This study concludes that thermal loading must be considered in the dynamic analysis of an arch dam as it can worsen the tensile cracks.

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