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Design and evaluation of trajectory-based tasks in a thin-seam perspective-corrected cubic display Tang, Yichen


This thesis describes the design and evaluation of wire-tracing task in pCubee, an improved version of hand-held perspective-corrected display that allows the user to observe and interact with 3D content visualized inside the cubic system. In order to overcome visual discontinuity issues identified from previous works, we redesigned pCubee system using OLED panels and FPGA-based display controller to achieve reduced seam size and compact form-factor. We investigated user performance with the new system using a trajectory-based wire-tracing task where users were asked to move a ring along wires. Experiments were conducted to evaluate the impact of ring radius, wire length and curvature. Analysis of results revealed that a linear model similar to the steering law for 2D tunnel task applies to 3D trajectory-based task in pCubee as well, exhibiting an increase of task completion time when smaller ring or longer wire is used. Our study complemented the theory that 3D interaction in virtual reality system follows existing principle for 2D tasks, and also identified a potential method to evaluate interaction designs for geometric displays. This work could help motivate future development of pCubee and guide interaction design for similar systems.

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