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A novel optimization platform and its applications to the TRIUMF energy recovery linac Gong, Chris


A novel software platform for global optimization was developed to create a baseline design for the TRIUMF Energy Recovery Linac (ERL). The platform is parallel capable, scalable, and allows flexible combinations of various accelerator tracking tools such as Madx and Free Electron Laser (FEL) tools such as Genesis. The TRIUMF machine includes simultaneously a two-pass ERL and a rare isotope line. Many parameters are coupled, including RF and the separator system which are shared for all three linac passes. The global optimization platform can study dynamic relationships between different processes, a practice not easily performed with piecewise optimization. The FEL induced energy spread, which grows by an order of magnitude after deceleration and increases the difficulty of beam disposal, creates a tradeoff, or Pareto front, between the gain and the dump energy spread. Another front forms between energy recovery and final energy spread due to RF settings. The Pareto fronts give insights on how objectives are related and the repercussions of design decisions. Pareto relationships are presented, along with potential lattice solutions found by the optimization platform.

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