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Adaptive creation of orthogonal anisotropic triangular meshes using target matrices Zuniga Vazquez, Jose David


We present a new procedure to adaptively produce anisotropic metric-orthogonal meshes in this thesis. The approach is based on mesh optimization techniques: point insertion designed to improve mesh alignment as well as conforming to a metric, swapping in the metric space, point movement defined by target elements from a metric, and point deletion based on quality and metric length. These techniques are intended to produce quasi-structured meshes which have the advantages of flexibility for complex geometries of unstructured meshes and the directional accuracy of structured meshes. The result is reliable alignment for anisotropic meshes reducing our previous work's reliance on smoothing for good alignment. The methodology is implemented in 2D and extended to 3D. Examples of analytical metrics and error estimation metrics on a numerical simulation of a flow are shown.

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