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Position-weighted template matching for measuring in-plane dynamics of microdevices Peng, Cheng


The measurement of in-plane dynamics of microdevices is crucial to analyzing their dynamic characteristics under certain excitations. It has become more and more important to enable precise measurements and visual means to characterize dynamic microstructures, as the designs of moving micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) are rapidly becoming more and more complex. And the visualization and measurement of the dynamics of MEMS structures are of considerable significance to the development of more effective and advanced microdevices. This thesis investigates the problem of visualizing, measuring and analyzing the in-plane dynamics of microdevices. We propose a novel object position tracking algorithm, called position-weighted template matching, improving the traditional template matching technique. The newly proposed algorithm effectively addresses the position "jump" problem that typically happens for object tracking in planar microdevices, where similar sub-patterns may exist in a single structure. We have incorporated the parabola fitting interpolation technique into our algorithm to achieve a higher, sub-pixel resolution level. We have implemented our proposed methods into a software module, associated with a LabVIEW Graphical User Interface (GUI). Several comparative experiments were carried out to demonstrate the effectiveness of our algorithm. In addition, the procedure was also used for performing a system identification on a fabricated MEMS resonator. Our implemented LabVIEW GUI can be potentially interfaced with low-cost hardware to enable visualization and measurement of in-plane motion of microdevices.

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