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The cloverleaf antenna : a compact wide-bandwidth dual-polarization feed for CHIME Deng, Meiling


A compact, wide-bandwidth, dual-polarization cloverleaf-shaped antenna has been developed to feed the CHIME radio telescope. The antenna has been tuned using a commercial antenna simulation program, CST, to have a very good impedance match to our amplifiers. Specifically, the return loss is smaller than -10dB for over an octave of bandwidth, covering the full CHIME band from 400MHz to 800MHz and this performance has been confirmed by measurement. The antennas are made of conventional low-loss circuit boards and can be mass produced economically, which is important because CHIME requires 1280 feeds. They are compact enough to be placed 30cm apart in a linear array at any azimuthal rotation. 128 of these feeds have now been built, tested and deployed on CHIME pathfinder.

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