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Developing an iPad accessibility and usability evaluation tool for teachers of students with visual impairments Jesso, Jennifer Elaine


With the increasing use of technology by young children in home and school environments, it is crucial that children with visual impairments have equal access to new developments in technology and that teachers of students with visual impairments have the necessary tools and training to support their students. This research sought to develop a rating scale for use by teachers of students with visual impairments for use in rating iPad apps for children on criteria of accessibility and usability while using the VoiceOver screen reader included in iOS accessibility features. The researcher also sought to examine the current state of VoiceOver accessibility of mainstream iPad apps designed for children. Six teachers of students with visual impairments used the draft scale to rate apps on accessibility and usability criteria, and their ratings were compared with the experiences of four adult iPad users who used VoiceOver. The scale had higher reliability among teachers’ ratings for accessibility criteria than for usability criteria, but teachers and VoiceOver users agreed well about overall app accessibility. Accessibility issues encountered in apps are discussed as well as changes to consider in a revised app rating scale for teachers.

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