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Documentation to accompany the music score : Missa Pax Corlis, Timothy David Graham


The Missa Pax (Peace Mass) is a nine-movement, thirty-three minute work for SATB chorus and large orchestra. The musical work resides within the tradition of the concert mass, an adjunct art form to the liturgical high-church mass. Through the use of style in rhythmic and harmonic language and through orchestration, the composer challenges aspects of the traditional form. These challenges to the boundaries of the art form create a strong metanarrative when considered from within the high-church tradition. This document serves three main purposes: (a) to offer a background into the composer’s own personal point-of-departure as the creator of the work, (b) to position the work’s stylistic influences within the context of the Western tradition’s musical output and (c) to explore the work on the grounds of music theory, explaining its formal principles, pitch structures, rhythmic organization, orchestration and texts and how they enable the objectives that follow from the composer’s artistic vision.

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