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Clinical outcomes of short implants placed in the posterior maxilla with the indirect sinus elevation technique and in the posterior mandible : a retrospective study with up to 5-year follow up. Nadji, Nabil


Purpose: This retrospective longitudinal study evaluates the 5-year survival and success rates of implants placed with the osteotome technique in the maxilla without bone grafting and to show that short implants (less than 10 mm) can be used to adequately treat the atrophic maxilla and mandible. Material and Methods: 926 implants were placed in the posterior maxilla with the osteotome technique and no added bone graft. This included a subset of 530 short 6 mm, 8 mm, and 10 mm implants. Maxillary implant restorations were splinted together if the implants were placed adjacent to each other. Maxillary crestal bone loss was evaluated at base line and subsequently at 12-month intervals up to 5 years. Also, 720 short 6 and 8 mm implant fixtures were placed in the posterior mandible with no bone graft. All mandibular implant restorations were splinted together. Mandibular crestal bone levels were evaluated at 12 months then at 1-2 year intervals up to 5 years. Results: The implant survival rate for maxillary implants was 97% up to 5 years follow-up. The implant success rate (less than or equal to 1 mm bone loss) ranged from 87.7% to 97% depending on the implant system and length of follow-up period. Short maxillary implants (n= 530) had survival and success rates similar to conventional length implants. Mandibular implants recorded an overall 5-year survival rate of 100 %. The overall cumulative success rate was 93.4% at 5 years. Conclusion: It can be concluded that short implants are an effective treatment modality in the resorbed mandible. Also, implant placement with the indirect sinus elevation technique without a bone graft is a highly successful procedure even when short implants are utilized.

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